CONFETTI print: JJ is in the Swing dress, Viviana is in the Gospel version

JJ- You can make the short-sleeved one cozy and warm by layering a wool turtleneck underneath.

VV- It’s super cute. Very cena con i suoceri (dinner with the in-laws). But I also like this idea of having the sweater over the long-sleeved dress so you can see the sleeve peeking out. And the stripes on the outside. I’m very Harry Potter.

JJ- With those glasses and that Gucci sweater, you definitely are. Meanwhile, we’re both in flats. I’ve been living in these Gianvito Rossi shoes.

VV- High heels are prohibited with these dresses!!!! I hate them.

JJ- Flats look better but sometimes a heel works.

VV- Ok fine, 85% of the time, girls – FLATS!