FLORA MARINA print: JJ and Viviana both wear the Swing dress

JJ- Truth be told, I have never met a print that I did not want to mix with another print. This is some bonkers, brand new Marni with our bonkers Mantero print from the 1950s.

VV- Your outfit is SO you. This is a classic example of the JJ mood. It should be your pantone color.

JJ- It’s so crazy that it kind of works. The trick is keeping the colors somewhat tied together.

VV- I’m a bit more Wall Street. The idea is show that you could even wear this dress to a boring office, in finance or whatever.

JJ- I never imagined our dresses with a double-breasted Prince of Wales check jacket and classic tasseled loafers, but it looks good.

VV- Bankers and lawyers should call us if they want some sunshine in their offices.