BANDANA print: Viviana and JJ both wear the Twist dress in Bandana

VV- This is the easiest print to wear, plus bandana prints are a huge trend right now.

JJ- Which is funny because the print comes from the 1970s…

VV- This is my absolute favorite look because I have a bandana scarf on a bandana dress with a bandana headband.

JJ- You really love bandanas.

VV- So much!!! It’s the best accessory to complete your look. I find it very cool.

JJ- You wear your red bandana necklace all the time.

VV- I’ve worn it every day since July 29, 2015. A pirate gave it to me. The bandana really gives you the perfect pirate look.

JJ- What pirate??!! And you look nothing like a pirate. I look like a blue blood school girl gone wild after exams.

VV- Yep in black and blue; good call, that’s a top color combo.