What says “stylish-girl-wardrobe-staple” swifter than a sleek turtleneck in every possible color? We know you’ve got at least one version of this outfit-saver item in your closet, BABE, so here’s our bore-repellent guide on how to wear it courtesy of our very own wiz-girl of styling, Mariangela Filippin.

“Turtlenecks are a real lifesaver” says the Milan-based Mariangela, whose been sporting one all winter long.  “They’ve got a super chic,  French-look a la Bardot, especially the black one, which is my favorite.”

Just how cool can a plain black turtleneck be? Try jazzing it up with a rare bubble flower necklace from the 1930s or wrap around a glimmering metal and glass beaded belt that was handcrafted in a Roman atelier way back in the 1960s. Remember something from your maximalist friends at LaDoubleJ: the more jewels the better.  And please don’t be afraid to also go thematic: a couple of bold animal bracelets will find their oasis next to a pin in the shape of a sparkly palm tree! While the four leaf pendant earrings’ perfect match is a crunchy waterfall flower necklace that you put around the warm and cozy high collar of your red turtleneck.

Mariangela, meanwhile, has no doubts about her favorite. “The beige turtleneck with a silver Decò bracelet on the cuff and matching earrings will make you look like a princess,” she promises. “Or, even better, a modern-time Audrey in Roman Holiday”. Done and done!

Livia Satriano

Story Credits
  • Styling: Mariangela Filippin
  • Photo: Chiara Quadri