When you open a hot-off-the-presses fashion mag and spot some legs askew, flailing in fishnets, there’s a good chance the shoot has been styled by none other than fashion wunderkind Georgia Tal. Her unorthodox style sensibility, just on the brink of bizarre but always feminine and refreshing, stands out from the crowd. Whether she’s dunking models in the Adriatic or posing them in marble mines you can expect something from a Georgia Tal shoot that you’ve never seen before and will likely not forget.

That’s why the super-stylist is a girl after our own hearts and the perfect pick for our patented LaDoubleJ vintage wars! As the fashion editor of Vogue Accessories (as well as constantly popping up in all of your go-to glossies), she’s mastered the art of the photoshoot. This time, we’ve asked her to work her magic in front of the camera. We let her loose in our vault of vintage to get her take on some of our favourite pieces. And since her creative prowess is off the charts, we pitted her against herself in our first solo Vintage Wars.

Let the games begin!

– Laura Todd

Nina Ricci Haute Couture Marabou Trim Dress, 1990s

“This dress is insanely fab and becomes the key piece of the look. Nothing else is needed! Pair it with heels, flat boots or a velvet choker – it always makes a statement!”

Geometric Dress, 1960s

“How funny is it to pretend to take pictures of the photographers who are actually taking yours? Fishnets are my obsession, as long as they are not the classic small ones. I love it when they are oversized or colorful!”

Ken Scott Terry Cloth Dress

“When I saw this dress on the hanger I immediately travelled with my mind to a sandy tropical island – maybe Hawaii in the 70s? The woman has her animal print boots and is full of confidence, while the young waitress is offering her a mimosa!”

Roccobarocco Ruffle Dress, 1980s

“Oversized fishnets, salsa dress and black heels make the perfect party look! Throwing a blazer on top always works in an elegant way and can transform it into a daytime look if paired with mens shoes! These can be leather loafers or stringers!”

LaDoubleJ Editions Tulipani Happy Wrist Dress

“I think denim always works in a look, in order to make it more cool and fresh! Scarves should not be seen as just scarves; a scarf could become a choker, a wrist band, a headband, a belt! Mixed prints always get a great result and they’re never ‘too much’!”