Where does one of the city’s chicest Sciuras do all of her shopping, coffee-sipping and gelato eating? We’ve got the exclusive list of Milan’s best-kept secrets, its hidden resources and its best furniture dealers, all provided by Tamu McPherson’s ridiculously sophisticated mother-in-law.

Best Flowers:

The kiosk in Piazza San Babila. “They are very good and will find anything you want,” Francesca says. “I like to do a big mix: wildflowers and shoots mixed with more traditional flowers like lilies and roses.  I also like eucalyptus and Narcissus.”

Best Open market:

The Mercato di Piazza San Marco. I do all my grocery shopping here. They have terrific produce, meats and fish. But never buy fish on a Monday.

Best Vintage Furniture Shop:

Raimondo Garau’s Understate store, in via Varese. He has wonderful things that are a mix of vintage and new designers.
Address: Via Varese, 20 (ingresso Viale Francesco Crispi 5b) 20121, Milan

Best Fashion Scores:

The Prada outlet near Florence. I have a house there, so shopping is easy.
Address: Via Levanella Becorpi | Localita Levanella, S.S. 69, Montevarchi, Italy

Best Childrenswear:

Pupi Solari. “Milan may be Prada’s land, but Pupi Solari is the real ruler for both children and adult clothing.”
Address: Via Lorenzo Mascheroni, 12, 20123 Milan

Best Neighborhood Bar:

Bastianello. It’s near my house and they do wonderful cappuccinos.
Address: Via Borgogna, 5, Milan

Best Silver:

Mr. Grassi in via Meda. He does restoration too. He can make wrecked silver and silverware look new again: The shop is in a galleried house overlooking a small yard with a lovely garden, figue tree, hen and dogs.
Address: Via Giuseppe Meda, 38, Milan

Best Design Gallery:

Luisa delle Piane, in Paolo Sarpi. She has very nice exhibits and design pieces to buy.
Address: Via Giusti, 24, 20154 Milan

Best Gelateria:

Gelateria Concordia on the corner of Piazza Risorgimento. They make very good artisanal ice-creams.
Address: Corso Concordia 11, 20129 Milan

Best Linen & Bedding Shop:

Mirabello in San Marco
Address: Via Balzan, angolo Via San Marco,20121 Milan

Best Table Top for plates:

There is nothing like Richard Ginori.
Address: Piazza S. Marco, 3 – 20121,Milan

Best Nick Knacks:

L’Erbavoglio in via Formentini, they sell painted iron flowers, flower crowns, which makes a good tanle placeholder. but you need a house in the mountains or countryside where to put them.
Address: via Marco Formentini,5 in Brera – 20121, Milan

Best Home Accessories:

L’oro dei farlocchi in via Madonnina. “They have very eclectic and inspiring things.”
Address: Via Madonnina, 13, Milan

Best Sofas:

Azucena. I would not buy a sofa anywhere else. I have the green velvet mohair couches with stainless steel trim, designed by Caccia Dominioni. They were inspired by the upholstery of the National Italian trains in the 1950s.
Address: Via Manzoni, 23 – 20121, Milan

Best Flea Market:

the annual Fiera di San Vincenzo in via Ariberto. A beautiful place to find dish sets – they also have beautiful linen with embroideries, never used, just taken out of the trunks.

Best Shoes:

Miu Miu. I wear them almost exclusively. They’re girlish but nice because they are a bit retro. I also wear Gucci loafers.
Address: Via Sant’Andrea, 21, 20121, Milan

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