Every fashion capital has their adopted fashion darling and for Milan it is Argentine import Candela Novembre.  A model, a full-time mom, not to mention a Lampoon contributor she’s also a darling instagrammer. Over her third coffee of the day, the Queen of Cute shares takes a break from social media to share her secrets of looking street-style fabulous.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

I drink the first of 5 very hot coffees (always a Moka and always an Americano, black) and I smoke my first ciggie outside (the first of 17 menthols)! If I do not have my daughters with me (Verde, 11 and Celeste, 9) I chant. I have practiced Buddhism for 12 years and it really feels so good to pause. So it is CCC—coffee, ciggie and then a chant.

Yes, but with all the coffee and the smoking, how do you look so good?

I do Oxygen facials at BellaVera (Piazza Buonarroti 32). You can go a week without make up your faces glows so much and there’s no knife involved!  For my teeth, my Argentina grandmother always taught me to mix lemon with bicarbonate of soda with regular toothpaste. I always do this before Fashion Weeks.

How long does it take you to get ready?

No more than 30 minutes. I just decide on my mood that day and then go!

That includes make-up?

Yes. I put on the double side effect base by Estee Lauder and an under eye concealer by YSL which I really need. Then it is some Estee Lauder mascara and Benetint on the lips and cheeks. It is so easy.

Let’s talk Fashion Week, do you pre- plan your outfits?  How many times a day do you change?

No! I just decide, on the day. I pick something in the moment. I change two times a day, one look for the morning and one for the evening.

Ok, so what’s in your bag during Fashion Week?

Obviously my staples are my  iPhone, earbuds, cigarettes, and if I find it, the Nars ‘multiple’ stick in pink for lips and cheeks. Red is too much like pasta di pomodoro on my lips.

What’s your trick for looking so damn good in street style pics?

Ha! I always pose on the LEFT side. If there are people in the way I will move them along because I know it is my best profile and my best side.

Yes, but what do you use?

My #1 cannot-live-without beauty trick is night repair by Estee Lauder. I slather the gel all over my face and am instantly woken up. So easy!

Where do you buy all of your beauty products?

I find most things at Sephora (Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 24)—YSL concealer, Estee Lauder mascara and Benetint for lips and cheeks. I also love to go to COIN (Piazza Cinque Giornate 1). I always find I.Coloniali bath salt discs there which I love, they smell so amazing!

What other only-in-Italy things do you use?

For my skin I like to use Amido di Riso. It’s technically for diaper rash but I use use it in my bath, it is like white snow and sooo soft on your skin.

Ok, we have to talk about your hair, where do you go?

Davide Diodovich for the cut and Susanne for the color (Via Torquato Tasso 4). They are the hair GODS. I won’t let anyone else touch my hair!

…yes but come on, we all go there and our hair doesn’t look like yours!!!

I think it is just how my hair works.. I just comb it and that is it. The shorter it is, the better. It does its own thing which is funny and I like it.


– I couldn’t live without gel nails from Bahama Mama (Viale Col di Lana 1). I even get gel for my toes.


– Well, the best is in Argentina, where you are done in 10 mins! You ask “are you done?  Yes, baby we are” I love it.  Here I go to any Chinese.  


– I don’t have time for the gym! I like to swim but don’t really do sport.

Oh come on! How do you look so f%$*ing great with no exercise?!

I don’t eat pasta but only because it is soooo boring. I only ate it when I was pregnant. I eat fruit in the morning (never at night because it doesn’t digest right) and I love Thai food. Little plates of rice, lentils, salad. And Panettone.

Panettone!? Look at you!

Every May I do LPg circulation treatments at Centro Marbea (Via Anfossi 2)  to unblock and unclog my legs. It’s  the perfect way to start the season.

-Meredith Nichols

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