The days of crystal balls and dodgy neon-lit shop fronts are long gone. We all have psychic powers within us, and it’s up to us to discover, tap in and use them. But how the heck do we do it? Grazie mille to all those who joined our free psychic workshop with J.J.’s magic  Milanese holistic therapist and theta healer Viola Crespi. Missed it? Keep scrolling to watch the recap and for Viola’s energy-clearing meditation to help you activate your awesome abilities.

J.J.: Ciao, Viola! First things first: what are the various types of psychic ability? Do we all have them?

Viola: We have four different kinds of psychic abilities. We have clairvoyance, the ability to see beyond what is visible. Clairaudience, which is the ability to hear. What do we hear? Our angels, our guides, our higher selves. Claircognizance, which is the ability to think clearly and achieve a deep sense of knowing. And clairsentience, which is the ability to feel and perceive. Most of us lead with one or two, but, actually, all of these abilities are already ours. It’s not paranormal, we are all born with them. The problem is we learn to shut them down. 

J.J.: There is a lot of cultural and social resistance to all of this. Our societies don’t promote this as a reasonable source of information and intelligence, so we block our abilities. 

Viola: We have a series of beliefs that get in the way; they determine whether our abilities are good or not and whether we give ourselves permission to use them. We don’t think about these beliefs on a rational level but they are embedded in our subconscious. For example: in our childhood we often learn, develop and grow through punishment. We therefore associate mistakes with punishment. Perhaps stepping into your abilities might mean you make mistakes, so you might not even go there to try.

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J.J.: When I first went to a theta healing workshop, all the women in the group had Archangel Raphael on speed dial and they were seeing source light. I was sitting there like, “I don’t have anything going on!”. What’s important to know is that these abilities are subtle and not everyone receives in the same way. 

Viola: Intuition or abilities work as a muscle, the more you practice it, the more it becomes obvious and strong. It doesn’t come about right away, it takes practise, it takes discipline as well. One thing that helped me was to learn, rather than fight through experiences, ask yourself what am I learning here, what is the gain of being stuck in this situation that I don’t necessarily like? It’s about pivoting your point of view. 

“To shift awareness from your head to your body, use visualisation. I visualise myself taking a lift from my head going into my heart or my body. Then, activate your abilities by asking yourself what you need.”

J.J.: So how do we tap in? I get super sensitive when I detox my food and environment. I find Theta and energy meditations, where you work on expanding your own energy body, are the most activating.

Viola: It’s by practising and practicing and practising. I use meditation. Even when I’m not in the mood, I still sit down for five minutes, use my breath, do nothing and really tune in with myself. The moment I am centered and tuned in then I can feel my senses much better. Centering could come with meditation, walking in nature, or having a bath and really relaxing and releasing the noise. To shift awareness from your head to your body, use visualisation. I visualise myself taking a lift from my head going into my heart or my body. Then, ask yourself silly questions, for example: what should I have for lunch? Trust what the body says. Trust the answer you get. Most of the time we get those answers but we just shift them away and go into rational thinking. A good practise will be to choose some simple things and play around with it. Act trusting your intuition and see the result.


J.J.: What are the benefits? 

Viola: We need our abilities because there are situations where we can’t think, we can’t use our cognitive sense. We need to tap into our gut feeling and intuition in order to know what we need to do and what is best for us. For those who don’t work with the public, the benefits are your own wellbeing. Really knowing what the body needs, what you are feeling, what is blocking you, and becoming really aware will help you shift from a place where you feel stuck to a place of space where you can breathe. 

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To find out more about Viola or to book a theta healing session to work through anxiety, trauma or relationship issues visit her website, here. To learn more about Viola’s crystal malas (she downloads the pieces with theta healing, of course)  follow her on Instagram at @mala.yuma

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