We’re well-versed in the world of Italian artistry here at LDJ. Salone del Mobile, Milan’s world-renowned design week, draws artists and innovators from around the globe to our bustling city, to share and marvel at the collective creativity we’ve got rocking on this beautiful blue marble. Among them? Lindsey Adelman, an extraordinary light worker whose ethereal and illuminating installations have been celebrated from Soho to Basel and back again. We love her for her capacity to capture wonder in each piece, and for her ineffable spirit and infectious positivity. Take a gander with us through her gorgeous installation for Salone 2021, “Paradise”, (and keep scrolling for more of our favorite brilliant babes from Design week!)

So, Lindsey, tell us about “Paradise”

“I wanted the light installation to feel like a sense of nomadic wandering and exploration, both geographically and also in our minds, especially during this past lockdown. I wanted to capture that desire to keep the mind stimulated and active throughout this period by exploring internally.”

How did you conceive of the production for the piece?

“For this production I figured out how to get the electricity to travel around these heavy, drapey chains, which are actually hand-crotched so that there’s one point of contact in the center – I wanted to use this heavy jewelry vocabulary for this very technical solution. We then developed these LEDs so that it shoots light into the glass itself, into the material. So, the material itself illuminates rather than a bulb inside the globe.”

Do these symbols on the wall have a specific meaning?

“The symbols on the wall are essentially about communicating the essence of this piece. I wanted to create a language that can bring us closer together. The way in which language and the way we express ourselves now is so over-analayzed and over-intellectualized can really separate us, I think. So I made up meanings for these symbols that are written on the wall – again it was a very spontaneous and instinctual process. My hope is that it taps into this kind of universal, shared, ancient knowledge or wisdom.”

How has your experience this year been at Salone?

“I love being here in Milan. I’ve shown at several Salones in different capacities, sometimes in a gallery, sometimes not. I think this is my favorite year, partly because so much of this is about reconnecting with people I haven’t seen in so long.”

Drawn entirely from intuition, these wall symbols were created by Lindsey specifically for the presentation of Paradise. Made of stoneware and a custom bronze glaze, they are a visual vocabulary capturing a kind of pre-verbal, more primitive state of communication, sans reference to any existing culture – a new, alphabet of a fictitious narrative.

And now, more Salone Super Sisters…

Kate Berry

We got to wine, dine and decorate to the nines with our friend and home décor expert, Domino’s Chief Creative Officer, Kate Berry. A flower-arranging phenom, Kate kicked off her career as a floral designer before cutting her teeth in the editorial world working alongside Legendary Lady, Martha Stewart. She’s now become an interiors inspiration in her own right, thanks to her 34th-floor terrace that she has converted into a garden and veg patch paradise high in the New York skyline: follow her bountiful garden hauls at #nygardeninthesky for serious green finger envy. @kateberryberry

Bethan Laura Wood

This born-to-glow goddess has maximalism in her roots – literally, her glorious rainbow hair is the ultimate in high-vibe style. A complete creative alchemist, Bethan’s unfaltering energy for color and form can be seen in her multidisciplinary works, which eclectically range from textiles to resin casts to lighting, that pour out of her London studio. But the thing we adore about her most? That head-to-toe color is not just part of her identity, but a commitment to her one-in-a-million style that she fabulously describes as “psychedelic moth”. @bethanlaurawood

With love and gratitude to Lindsey Adelman. Find out more about her stunning works of light, here, and follow her on Instagram at @lindseyadelman.

Photographs by Mariela Medina Burgos