At our core, La DoubleJ is a brand that swirls around the concept of joy and its powerful energetic frequency. We are committed to upending the definition of what it means to be truly “fashion-forward” by creating happy homeware and clothes that elevate not just the style, but also the spirit of the community we dress. From our Sacred Grotta in our Milan boutique to our Wellness Webinars, Spirit Tours and Goddess capsule collection, this feel-good focus is the fil rouge woven through everything we do, and is the foundation of our latest series of Wellness Residencies, curated in full by LDJ founder and our very own Empress of Elevation, J.J. Martin.

Since alighting in Italy 20 years ago, a country she defines as her “first major spiritual teacher”, J.J. has cultivated a rich community of healers, educators and soul workers, deepening her own personal practice, and becoming a trusted spiritual resource on Italy’s abundant wellness world. Having led and hosted over 15 wellness workshops online and in the La DoubleJ Grotta, J.J. has shared her expertise with fellow industry disruptors at some of Europe’s most inspiring spaces, curating immersive, multi-day restoration retreats, and establishing La DoubleJ as the first fashion brand to put authentic, tangible energy into connecting our sartorial and our spiritual selves.

Join us as we reminisce on our July residency at the Six Senses Ibiza, where we moved, meditated, dined, and danced our way to a higher state of being.

The Concept

Late last year, (when Ibiza’s exquisite oceanfront felt a million miles away) the renowned fashion editors Daniela Agnelli and Tiffanie Darke reached out to La DoubleJ to share their stunning new commerce concept – a unique, 100% sustainable, boutique shopping experience, Agora.

Inspired and energized, we hatched our first fully sustainable design, an elegant robe crafted from 100% organic cotton, exclusively for the Six Senses Ibiza, an astonishing property developed by Jonathan Leitersdorf. Our robes are featured in each hotel suite, DoubleJ linens cover public space dining tables, while our fashion and homeware is sold in Agora’s seaside boutique. Lastly, J.J. developed an entire weekend takeover of spiritual well-being workshops, conceived around the power of the Divine Feminine.

The Space

For over half a century, Ibiza has drawn artists, mystics and seekers alike looking to tap into the island’s rich spiritual traditions for creative inspiration and to deepen their personal soul work. As the Balearics’ very first BREEAM certified resort, housed upon a centuries old olive press at the island’s Northern-most tip, the Six Senses lives up to its name, boasting unobstructed views of the Mediterranean, enjoyed amid the stimulating fragrant groves of the resort’s sustainable farms and gardens.

Occupying what has been described as a “different frequency”, this idyllic enclave is worlds away from the noisy nightlife, a perfect place to shed some layers and get our inner glow on.

“Our vision is to capture the authentic Ibiza experience of community, spirituality and celebration.”

– Jonathan Lietersdorf

Meditation in Tanit’s Cave 

Guided by island expert Toby Clarke – who founded Walking Ibiza in 2010 after rediscovering the magic of his birthplace – we set off on a hidden ancient pilgrimage trek to arrive at La Cueva de Es Culleram, one of the island’s many sacred caves. The dark, cool, mysterious space is the spiritual home of Tanit, Ibiza’s ancient goddess of fertility who was brought to the island thousands of years ago by the Phoenicians.

Offerings were set on an altar, and J.J. led guests on a guided meditation that connected their higher selves with the potent feminine energy portal provided by Tanit. Spontaneous Shamanic drumming and singing erupted within the group, creating a powerful transformative experience.

The Goddess Tanit 

Our ever-present unseen hostess throughout the residency, mother-goddess Tanit is revered throughout the Mediterranean as one of the most important Phoenician deities. The goddess of the moon, sexuality, fertility and dance, she is famously protective of the island and its women, a fierce female not to be trifled with. Our kind of woman.

Shamanic Drumming Workshop 

Throughout history, drumming has been a vital component of healing rituals, assisting in the awakening of one’s personal energy and spiritual growth. Harnessing the connective power of this instrument, Dutch Shamans, Petra and Tom guided our group in a profound healing ceremony intended to access higher states of consciousness.

Both Shamans, working in concert with their highly intuitive powers, combined sound therapy, meditation, mantras and trance work to provide deep, soul-level clearings for our guests. The ceremony took place in the Six Senses’s gorgeous, light-filled cave overlooking the sea.

James de Maria Yoga Dance 

One of the weekend’s highlights was our workshop led by James de Maria, who blends influences from his background as a professional ballet dancer with over 20 years of experience as yoga instructor, to create a movement methodology entirely his own.

Using choreography to enhance the fluidity of Asana, movement and breath, James combines elements of dance, pilates, and release techniques in his uniquely elegant practice. The result was a cathartic expiation of stagnant energy, shared in a beautiful, elevated expression of collective movement, dance as well as breath work and restorative Yin postures. The perfect preparation for our evening ahead….

“As adults we can become more rigid in our bodies and mind, one often reflects the state of the other. Yogaflow invites us to play and interact with others in a fun and nourishing way.”

– James de Maria

Sunset Soirée 

While our daily workshops were rooted in grounding spiritual work, we dedicated our evenings to the joy that comes from celebrating with community. Our first evening, La DoubleJ was feted by the hotel in a glittering aperitivo in which island locals and visiting guests all stepped into La DoubleJ’s bright world of print and saturated color.

The next night, as the sun dipped below Xarraca bay, we wined and dined with a more intimate collection of bright souls over a beautiful dinner table, laid in our latest line of vibrant luxury homewares. With our signature prints pulsing positive energy from every angle, we soared into the night with souls open and hearts full. 

Carlos Rodriguez

Blending techniques born from the fusion of pilates, core isometry, metabolic stress training and even boxing, Carlos has created his own custom movement method, a functional fitness practice hyper-focussed on connecting the breath with the body. Under his high-impact guidance guests worked up a sweat in this energetic and cathartic course. Best of all were the after-work-out body adjustments administered by Carols, a trained physiotherapist, to heighten access to that ever elusive mind-body connection. 

Whether seeking a release, a revelation, or merely restoration, our fellow wellness warriors each brought their maximalist-all to our Six Senses residency, imbuing it with the energy and passion that so typifies the LDJ frequency.

As we slip through the last of these sacred summer days and gear up for an exciting (and intense!) fall season, we invite you to join us on the LDJ journey, as we help you access your inner goddess, while dressing your outer one.  Ibiza, ti amiamo cara


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Photographs by Giada Aline.

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