Creativity is our rocket fuel at LDJ, and we’re especially boosted by women whose work is an authentic extension of their passion, love and light—who transform challenges into golden opportunities and who are redefining what it means to be a “creator.”

Conscious creators work from a grounded, intuitive place within themselves, allowing their unique imprint to come forth into the world. They are heart-body-soul manifesters, rather than just brain-logic based. Less about the business plan, less about the likes, more about the love and joy and, ultimately, service to others.

This space is dedicated to the women who walk with this wisdom, and who let their unadulterated wonder and passion permeate their every endeavor. We want to share the magic of what these brilliant beings do to inspire you in your own conscious creativity. SistARS, we salute you!

“Finding true joy and purpose in this life is connected to making others feel seen, welcomed, valued, loved and supported. This is where all the good stuff happens.”

– Sarah Simms

Meet the Ladies of Lady & Larder

“I’ve always been this way. Since I was a little kid. Big ass open mouth. Any form of internet I’ve only ever used as a means to be open and share.”

– Pia Baroncini

Bold is beautiful with Pia Baroncini

Dancing through Tinseltown with Reshma Gajjar

“I’m going to show up to all the castings, whether it’s for a model, actor, dancer – whatever. People need to see that people like me exist and it’s normal. We are everyday life.”

– Reshma Gajjar

Adventures in the Arts with Reshma Gajjar

Costume Designer Shirley Kurata on Finding your Authentic Aesthetic

“Styling is like costume design, a fictitious character and you have to dream up what they would wear.”

– Shirley Kurata

Bring the Brightness with Shirley Kurata