Creativity is our rocket fuel at LDJ, and we’re especially boosted by women whose work is an authentic extension of their passion, love and light—who transform challenges into golden opportunities and who are redefining what it means to be a “creator.” This article is part of our Conscious Creators series of West Coast wonder women, whose creativity comes from their innate and unadulterated passions, photographed by the legend with a lens, Todd Selby.

Pia Baroncini has been a creator from the start, tracking the genesis of her trailblazing spirit back to her childhood days. “I never really fit in, school was really hard for me and I always felt stupid honestly. I felt I had talents but they weren’t honored or understood and that was very challenging for me.” Undeterred, she pursued her particular passions with what would become her signature drive, founding her wildly successful womenswear brand, LPA at just 29, applying a wealth of skills accrued over her itinerant path across LA’s fashion and film scene.

As an entrepreneur at her core, Pia’s professional paths feel deeply personal. In addition to the still thriving LPA, she has expanded her ever-growing empire to include the “Everything is the Best” podcast, described as a space in which to “get real, get vulnerable, and find those common denominators that connect us all”, as well as Baroncini Import & Co. created with her husband to bring the best olive oil from his Sicilian hometown to the U.S. Her deep love for her husband and for Italy are evidenced in spades across her Instagram, where Davide and their (unbelievably gorgeous!) daughter, Carmela, make many a loving cameo appearance.

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As her life has opened up, so too has her relationship with her audience. Documenting of her path to motherhood, a journey marked with very real challenges, reflects her innate authenticity, a refreshing counterpoint to the highly curated stories we see across the majority of social media platforms. Sharing her most vulnerable moments on her Instagram, often accented with hilarious anecdotes and a rare lack of vanity, Pia has played a significant part in the shift away from over-filtered perfectionism exemplified by her fashion world peers. “I’ve always been this way. Since I was a little kid. Big ass open mouth. Any form of internet I’ve only ever used as a means to be open and share.”

“I’ve always been this way. Since I was a little kid. Big ass open mouth. Any form of internet I’ve only ever used as a means to be open and share.”

Pia’s capacity to convert obstacles into opportunities is a natural asset, evidenced in both her professional and personal endeavors in equal measure. Those accustomed to wearing many hats could be forgiven for getting overwhelmed or losing sight of priorities. Not so, for Pia. When asked what brings her joy, her response is immediate and simple. “My husband.”

After being welcomed with open arms into her airy LA home, and introducing us to her beautiful family, we can’t help but fall in amore with the entire Baroncini ethos. Our final ask – Will Baroncini Import & Co. products be available in Milan? “Hopefully soon!” We hope so too.

With open hearts and gratitude to Pia Baroncini for opening up her family home to us and the incomparable Todd Selby for photography.