Light channeler Claudia Navone hasn’t always pursued a spiritual path. Blink back a few years and this serene Florentine was earning her 9 to 5 in the echelons of the fashion industry as fashion director and editor at publications including Elle, Sunday Times Style and Harper’s Bazaar. Then came a powerful and spontaneous awakening that flipped her career and life journey on its head.

She landed on a path toward higher consciousness, deeply immersing herself into spiritual studies for 13 years (and counting…) guided by a teacher she met at her first-ever spiritual workshop, Qala. Now Claudia splits her time between Florence, London and Ibiza as a powerful channeler of the Enlightened Masters and a mentor of consciousness with the Divine University. A fashion transformer by its very definition, Claudia describes her awakening as “the veils being lifted” – you can read more about it in her empowering memoir, The Shapeshifter: A Tale from Glitter to Light.

This week we had the honor of hosting two Energy Cleanses with our dear friend Claudia, the latest in our timetable of community gatherings held in our goddess-strewn Sacred Grotta in the La DoubleJ Milan store. Couldn’t make it? Click on the recording below to bring Claudia’s practice into your own home.


AQUAMARINE: Clarity. Placed into the Brow Chakra. Nothing can truly be created or manifested without clarity. 

GOLDEN NUGGET: Forgiveness. Placed into the back of the Heart Chakra. Without forgiveness you cannot open yourself to the full and clear connection with your higher self. 

EMERALD: Love. Placed into front of the Heart Chakra. Without love there is no softness, no forgiveness, no growth, no joy. 

PEARL: Faith. Placed into the Crown Chakra. Faith is what expands the love, the light. When you have faith in your highest self, you are able to say “yes”, knowing you will be supported in your path.

Claudia’s work centres around evolving consciousness through love and light channeled by the Enlightened Masters. The first cleanse opened our heart and chakra systems to connect us to our individual light body in order to receive. “More than an activation, it is a connection,” says Claudia. “In the first part we open ourselves up to connect with our crystal core and the chakra system – all these different elements of our body of light. To receive our activation we have to open up, to be receptive, that is the first step.”

In the second Cleanse, Claudia channeled and delivered dispensations, or gifts of light, by the Enlightened Masters. “The Enlightened Masters are the only beings of light that can give us the dispensations,” Claudia explains. “The dispensations are elements of light that are put by the Masters somewhere in your chakra system to help the evolution of your consciousness. The light concentrates the frequencies of whatever the [dispensations] are. For example, we received many dispensations last night, from clarity to faith and love. That is all frequencies. Dispensations come in so many different forms and shapes, it can be a pearl, diamond or wand, but what they truly are are light concentrated frequencies.”

DIAMOND: Illumination. Placed in the Soul Star Chakra. When you are not feeling light enough, you can call upon this fifth dispensation. 

RUBY: Power. Placed in the Hara Chakra in the belly. You may have given your power away – if you are disempowered this can be called upon to re-access it.

WAND: Compassion. Placed into the back of the Hara Chakra. You cannot have power without compassion. People that misuse their power have no compassion. 

CHALICE: Creation. Placed into the Sacral Chakra. To support you in your already creative aspirations. 

The practice aims to use these light concentrated frequencies to raise our own energetic frequencies, help us with the evolution of our consciousness, and release the emotional and mental baggage that we no longer need. “Once the Masters put the light concentrated frequencies in your body, they are yours. They are a gift to you that you can ask the Masters to reactivate when you are in need of more clarity, more faith or wish to manifest something.”

Does Claudia know in advance which enlightened masters are going to come to her? “It doesn’t matter,” she says. “The Enlightened Masters aren’t individual – they are group consciousness. Someone will come when you ask. When you are asking, you’ll receive, but in order to receive you have to open yourself up, so it is important to activate your crystal core.”

Go Galactic!

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Our great gratitude to Claudia Navone for sharing her time, her kindnesses and these gifts with us – follow her on Instagram at @navone_claudia. To be the first to hear about La DoubleJ’s digital and in-person events, sign up to our newsletter, here