In need of a confidence megaboost? Catch up on our latest Zoom wellness workshop with the yogi and mentor Claire Missingham that explored Kriya, an ancient art of meditative movements and repetitive breathing techniques that help us to move into a space of consciousness, awareness, strength and confidence. Follow Claire’s Kriya meditations and asana sequences, designed to connect you with and consolidate your own radiance, while we explore the concept of Shakti (energy, life force, focus and female power) plus the power and potential we can all find in the collective feminine. No experience necessary! 

Ciao Claire! Break it down for us: what is Shakti?

Claire: Shakti is a Sanskrit term that represents cosmic energy, or, to put it in a simple way, it means energy. For example, think of a woman who, when she walks into a room, has a light and energy that you feel like you are drawn to, who has so many ideas it is inspiring to be with her. The ancient yogis describe this energy as Shakti, which is feminine (Shiva is the male counterpart). Shakti energy brings everyone in – it has a feminine perspective.

And what is Kriya?

Claire: Kriya is a purification process that allows us mentally, semantically, emotionally, and – most importantly – spiritually get into a place where you can elevate your Shakti. Kriya is an exercise where you are doing a repetitive movement with your body, or a breathing technique, that is said to move Prana (energy, an awakening) through your body and bring an esoteric awareness to the participant. Consider it to mean a meditation or repetitive action to create an outcome of purifying your soul.

“Believe that you are not just your flesh and bones, you are not just your tensions. It leaves you in this place of healing; connecting rather than depleting.”

How does practicing Kriya boost our confidence?

Claire: Elevating your Shakti can mean more confidence and skill at public speaking, or being able to better get your ideas across in a meeting or around the dinner table. As a yogi, you are imagining yourself not just as flesh and bones, but with an energy that moves through you. This allowing yourself to be open is an essence of confidence. This is energetic, something you feel, and something you know is there through Kriya practises. 

What does this good energy feel like? 

Claire: When we talk about raising vibration, we are talking about purifying your mind and the challenges in your life. Understand the karmic consequences of your actions that keep you in a place of low vibrations. If you walk out the front door and your shoulders are slumped and you are giving off a feeling of anger, people notice that. We are all giving off vibrations – make it a higher vibration that you are giving out. Believe that you are not just your flesh and bones, you are not just your tensions, then move your body and place your hands in specific positions to generate your energy – it leaves you in this place of healing; connecting rather than depleting.

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As a special grazie mille for following along Claire is sharing her 40 Day Sadhana guide to help you continue your Sadhana practice and create daily habits that will help you to feel vibrant and alive. Click here to receive your copy! To find out more about Claire, click here, and to be the first to know about La DoubleJ’s free wellness workshops, sign up to our newsletter, here.