Since 2010, Brazilian super-woman Paula Cademartori has been creating luxurious handbags in her adopted city of Milan, where she completed her Master’s degree at Marangoni and worked for Versace before launching her own brand. Her background in industrial design has influenced every bag’s blueprint and even yielded their signature buckle. All of the bags are made in Italy because, as Cademartori firmly states, “Italy is the only place where you can make true luxury.” Constructed with her passion for functional beauty and her commitment to craftsmanship, the charismatic Faye and her grown-up sister Tatiana (to name just two) have captured the attention of the fashion elite and become street-style stars and art objects in their own right. “My career began with jewelry so I work with these bags meticulously like I would with a rare stone—I design everything from the studs to the buckle. For me, handbags should be collected.” Here we bring you a selection of nine different styles each more collectable than the other and only available on LaDoubleJ. – Meredith Nichols


What’s in Her Bag?