We absolutely adore La Merenda, the Italian ritual of taking a mid-afternoon break and snacking on something totally delicious. Even though the bustling LDJ offices are always too busy to sneak away for a siesta, in theory, we’re still big fans.

Italians Love it Sweet:

If you’re entertaining in the afternoon, do La Merenda right by forgetting American style salty treats: Italians love it sweet. There’s nothing better than taking a mid-afternoon break with a big ‘ole piece of sugary cake in front of you.

Variety is key:

Try serving sumptuous frosted and fruit-filled torta, tiny molto Italiano pasticcini sweets and dishes of candy scattered across the table.

Coffee, Tea or Tisana? Let your guests choose:

Drinks-wise, a simple shot of espresso is perfect, or a tea infusion if you’re trying to keep things healthy.

Dress your table as if you want to eat it:

Of course, La DoubleJ has you covered for the occasion. We collaborated with Italian porcelain greats Ancap on a chicissima line of dessert and dinner plates, candy dishes, espresso cups, mugs and a great big serving tray in our vintage Libellula (it means dragonfly!) print. And don’t forget the vintage printed table linens!

– Laura Todd

Story Credits
  • Photography: Federico Ciamei