Who, What, Wear: 48 Hours in Capri

Capri is one of Italy’s most magical islands. Just off the coast of Naples and surrounded by monumental rocks breaking out of emerald green waters and home to some of the chicest summer homes you’ll ever see, it feels like it was plopped down on earth to exist as a Dolce and Gabbana campaign set. When the awesome owners of the island’s best boutique Capri Blu invited us to hold a pop up there, we took one look at our ghost white post-winter skin and called up Alitalia for the first flight south. We were generously hosted by La DoubleJ’s fairy godmother and most beleoved legendary lady, Susanne Thun, who is unrivalled at curating postcard-worthy Capri jaunts for all her fabulous friends. So, to celebrate what turned out being an amazing trip here’s a little diary so you can feel right there with us!

Day 1:

2:00 pm We arrive at Susanne epic house overlooking Marina Piccola in Capri (you can see all her house secrets here). Here’s the most mythical hostess herself with her beloved Jack Russell, Toni! The colourfully-painted tiles known as maioliche are everywhere in Capri, especially at the Thun’s wonderful home.  I’m obsessed with them and not just because they make the perfect DoubleJ pattern bomb with our printed clothes!

3:00 pm After arriving on Friday afternoon, I did laps around Susanne’s front yard which is tucked into a cliff-hanging alcove. It’s nuts. We could not stop taking pictures of this new Trapezio dress from La DoubleJ on the grass and within the olive trees.

4:00 pm When you’re staying in paradise, it’s tough to leave, but we did manage to pry ourselves away from home base and headed into town for a stroll in Capri’s famous Piazzetta. You have to walk 10 minutes by foot to reach the Thun’s home from the main road, but it’s covered in lemon trees and walls bursting with bougainvillaea, so it’s no sweat!

6:00 pm Back at home, Susanne prepared an expert apertivo spread for her guests on her green tiled terrace. Naturally, she had to throw in some La DoubleJ napkins for some extra pattern oomph!!


8:00 am The next morning, I showed up to breakfast ready to go swimming: La DoubleJ V Neck bather with a No. 21 skirt, Vibi Venetian slippers and Cuccumia straw bag. 10 minutes after this photo, I was breast-stroking along the Thun’s emerald green pool that overlooks Marina Piccola.

10:00 am Our breakfast setting! Everything looks better with a dragonfly on it, no?

1:00 pm Later in the day, after a hike up to Capri’s famous Monte, and a long nap, I lounged around home base in an easy, breezy, vintage-peacock-print Kaftan, getting ready for our pop up. I also did that JUST to show you how cute this dress is, natch!

5:00 pm We had our pop up shop at Capri’s mythical Capri Blu boutique, run by the iconic Antonio who knows every glamorous woman from Bermuda to Bal Harbour. We had cocktails, shopped, met some amazing women who were Antonio’s clients and sat on the stoop outside of the store before heading to Susanne’s home for the celebratory dinner party.

7:00 pm We got back to Susanne’s home and she was ready for the dinner party— I loved how wonderfully crazy our printed plates looked with her printed tile tables and benches.  Perfect maximalism!

8:00 pm Susanne went all-out for her dinner party. There was so much delicious, home-made food, local specialities like fluffy mozzarella, stuffed zucchini flowers, homemade quiches, spaghetti with clams, and much much more.

8:30 pm With 30 guests, Susanne served the dinner buffet- style with some of La DoubleJ’s latest housewives plates and vintage printed napkins. During dinner, she had 3 local musicians who belted out old Neapolitan songs under the lemon trees as we looked out over the dark sparkling sea, it was classic Italian magic under the moonlight!

Day 3:

9:00 am The next morning, it was beach time. I pulled out my new La DoubleJ bikini and matching silk shorts and got ready to run down to the small boat at the bottom of Marina Piccola that would take us to the Fontelina beach club.

11:00 am I’m nuts about La Fontelina. There are many different Bagni in Capri but this one is my favorite— great food, wonderful position right in front of Capri’s epic Faraglioni rocks and super nice service.

1:00 pm It’s lunchtime, I’m hungry and I’m negotiating what the heck we want to eat with the waiter. In the end, I went for the buffet of vegetables— they do the most amazing spread of every kind of vegetable you could ever want— sautéed zucchini and artichokes, eggplant wrapped around mozzarella, swiss chard with raisins and pine nuts. I was in heaven.

4:00 pm Now it’s Sunday afternoon and we, unfortunately, have to leave this paradise! But guess what? We left a little La DoubleJ behind at Capri Blu—so go find it yourselves, ladies!