As you may have gathered by now, La DoubleJ is not just a basic fashion brand. Since the launch last year of La DoubleJ Housewives — our extra amazing line of vintage printed plates and table linens — we’ve been a full-fledged lifestyle brand ready to conquer your table tops! And we’re not slowing down: during Milan Design Week we’re expanding big time. We’ve added hand blown Murano glasses and goblets made with historic glass artisans Salviati and a whole new line of plates, trays, espresso cups and mugs with incredible Verona-based porcelain company Ancap. Also launching is in our brand new print, Libellula, a mega romantic turn of the century flower-and-dragonfly illustration we dug up in a Natural History textbook and transformed into a mix-and-match pattern clashing set of fabulous tabletop items. We can’t wait for you to see!

– Laura Todd

Story Credits
  • Photography: Chiara Quadri