PESCOLINI print: JJ and Viviana both wear the Swing version

VV- Amore!


VV- This is one of the cutest print ever – and it’s from the 1940s!

JJ- It seems like daywear but I dressed it up by putting a brocade shirt over it.

VV- And then you have the headband because you’re going to off to meditate.

JJ- Totally. And you, where are you going?

VV- California. Puglia, where I’m from, is the California of Italy. You and I are basically from the same place. So you wear it in LA and I’ll wear it in Puglia.

JJ- Ok, perfect. I’m bringing it in for my next trip.

VV- Maybe I’ll come too and we’ll meet surfers. It’s the right look. They’ll fall in love with us subito.