APEROL print: Viviana wears the Twist dress and JJ wears the Swing

JJ- You look ready to party in that short dress. I’ve never seen you so cute.

VV- All you need are two accessories and this dress becomes the BOMB: one – the shoe of the season (by Gucci) and two – our scarf tied in a big bow around the neck.

JJ- I thought you hated heels with the dresses.

VV- The short dress can be worn with a heel, but the long ones – nope, not in my book. Meanwhile I love you wearing a denim jacket.

JJ- It’s yours – I don’t own any denim. But it’s kind of fun with this dress. I do however regret my choice of shoes. Patent leather doesn’t work with denim.

VV- You would know that if you wore denim more often.