MINIMALE print: Viviana and JJ both wear the Swing version of the Minimale

JJ- So this is what I’d do to wear the dress for a nighttime event – just throw on a fancy coat and some chic kitten heels.

VV- You look very evening chic. Very Prada. Miuccia would approve.

JJ- Really? You just made my day. The good thing about these prints is that they can be super dressy or super dressed down. You, for example, look like you’re going camping.

VV- Yes. I’m wearing the outfit for the closing party of the camping season. The dance party. They do that, right? I’ve never been and would never go.

JJ- I hate camping too. I have no idea what the closing party looks like.

VV- But if we had to go camping, I’d dress like this.