BOSCO print: JJ and Viviana both wear the Gospel dress

JJ- This outfit was meant to show how to mix up the prints. I’ve actually got three different black and white patterns going on.

VV- The Bosco woods scene mixed with stripes and checks: That outfit is a 10. You’d get an A+ in the magazine world brava!

JJ- The good thing is that you can wear a tight sweater over the dress and the sleeves peek out just a bit.

VV- You can go the office like that, then strip off the sweater to go out after work.

JJ- You can too.

VV- Yes, but I wore my Saint Laurent shirt under the dress. The idea is that you can wear something over or under it – either way. I actually like silk under silk.

JJ- The more silk in your life, the better and sexier you’ll be. Plus it’s warm.