Ph. Alberto Zanetti

The colder the weather the cooler the girl. Our brand new DoubleJ coats are the perfect punch of pattern for all your frosty-weather outfit needs. Let us introduce to your our three, brand new styles: the impossibly soft Velvet Loden, a chic structured but lightweight velvet coat that will keep you cosy till the frost sets in; the Nylon Loden, a sportier version that effortlessly slips over any fall ensemble and folds up tight (and wrinkle-free!) for you girls on the move; finally, our Windy Jacket, which is basically your childhood windbreaker All Grown Up — hint: wear it oversized like all the cool girls in Milan. Featuring all-new vintage prints, stack these stunners on top of already amazing Autumn ensembles for a head to toe DoubleJ experience!!

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