“I was there for the birth of La DoubleJ in 2015, so it has a very very special meaning for me. This is a project of love. This is the secret. This is why it WORKS” – Viviana Volpicella

One of the brightest stars on the Italian fashion circuit, Viviana Volpicella has been close to the beating heart of La DoubleJ since its inception. The Bari-born beauty and La DoubleJ’s Creative Commander-in-Chief, J.J. Martin, first forged their friendship years ago in the front rows of Milan Fashion Week over a shared spiritual curiosity and obsessive admiration for Italian artistry. Taking the helm as La DoubleJ’s first fashion director in 2015, Viviana has been the brand’s loudest cheerleader ever since. 

Having graduated with a degree in “Architecture of Fashion”, Viviana’s indisputably Italian eye and hippie soul roots, married with her infectious gioia de vivere and unstoppable work ethic, have propelled her to the forefront of the street-style pack. Now fusing her tomboy taste with J.J. ‘s maximalist-from-the-heart mantra and exceptionally eclectic style, the two have created a collection that is an inspired, idiosyncratic reflection of their distinctive points-of-view. 

Conceived as a collaboration between two kindred spirits, this capsule is foremost a celebration of sisterhood and the bonding forces of feminine energy. Meet the woman behind the magic of the VIVMEGAMOOD…

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LDJ: Viviana, tell us, what is the key to VIVMEGAMOOD?

VV: VIVMEGAMOOD is a state of mind, contagious and uplifting. It is about joy and gratitude for life.

LDJ: And what is it about J.J. and La DoubleJ that you love?

VV: I was there for the birth of La DoubleJ in 2015, so it has a very, very special meaning for me. J.J. and I had a thousand adventures at the beginning and to see what the brand has become now fills my heart. I am so happy to be back with the DoubleJ Dream Team. This is a project of love. This is the secret. This is why it works!

LDJ: Why is it important to celebrate design and artistry in this moment of international tension?

VV: Doing creative work doesn’t mean being superficial. Beauty and art help lift the spirits and are a direct train to the wonder of life. With an open heart and conscience, we must listen and pay attention to the international struggle in progress and dutifully continue their own journey with gratitude.

LDJ: What are some of your favorite pieces from the collection?

VV: This capsule is a little bit sexy, inserting a touch more tomboy essence and block color into the multicolored and super girlish, enchanted world of LaDoubleJ. Enter L’Abito Della Vita (the Dress of Life) with two super sexy slits up the legs. I also love the tropical pajama vibe of the Bowling Shirt and Boyfriend Shorts for a little urban exoticism.

We love you Vivi!!! xxx