Not all spiritual journeys are created equal. In 2012, Sandra Walter found herself crossing the United States with just $400 dollars in her pocket, no job, no financial plan. Her destination? Mount Shasta, the crystalline stargate capital of the country, to live in the wilderness with only higher dimensional beings and spiritual downloads for company. Nine years later, Sandra is an acclaimed Ascension Guide, powerful divine portal and J.J.’s “guide of all guides” (her words), who we were lucky enough to have join us in our latest free Zoom wellness workshop to unpack Sandra’s specialist subject: Divine DNA. Scroll down to watch the livestream below. 

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Ciao Sandra, thank you for offering us your wisdom. First things first: tell us about your experience in the wilderness. 

“When you unplug completely – no iPhone, no wifi – and allow yourself days, weeks or a month or two to be in the wilderness by yourself, you learn so much because you are face-to-face with your fears, not to mention mountain lions and bears. Mount Shasta itself is an obsidian-rich dormant volcano – the energy pours out of the ground – and it is one of this planet’s stargates. People have seen everything there; masters, galactics – it is non-stop. The crystalline frequency, and crystalline within you, is amplified – even the sky looks different – and I found myself interacting with higher dimensional beings training me to be a good teacher. Shasta serves as an opening of your crown. It allows you a very clear connection to your higher self, to your divine team, and high up there you get out of the collective consciousness zone, feel your own thoughts and the higher energy.” 

OK, so, we know what physical DNA is, but what is Divine DNA? 

“DNA is present in all your three trillion body cells, except red blood cells. If only 5 percent of DNA is being used to express the physical body, via genes, what is the rest of it doing? This is what scientists have been trying to work out for years. The non-coding part of the DNA is quantumly entangled (Einstein called it ‘spooky’). This quantum DNA is like an antenna that is receiving and broadcasting to other aspects of self, other realms and creates your experience. The only way to change your experience is to get that antenna working.  Our unique human DNA contains code sequences that allow for an experience that people call the crystalline state or consciousness state – those codes exist in human DNA, whether you use them or not is up to you.”

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Spooky indeed. Tell us more…

“Quantum DNA has fields holding different intentions and different experiences – that’s what  we want to tap into you. Like the centre of the solar system, the key is the source spark, which is you. When you tap into your source point, the more you focus on your heart centre, the more your toroidal (energy) fields expand. Your DNA is in constantly coiled tangled balls. The more coherent your heart and your fields become, the DNA stops obeying the subconscious and winding in these tangled balls. Instead it starts winding in coherent fashions, producing a stronger receiver-generator antenna, which means you get more information and more possibilities.”

“On a spiritual level, it changes your perception of reality in a profound-heart-based, Divine Mama way that radiates right through all that you are, which is your true self.”

I’m ready: how do we activate our Divine DNA?

“It is a reflection of the phases in the ascension process. Phase one is all about healing, which prepares you to hold higher frequencies in the body. Physically: heal the body and maintain clarity and focus through drinking more water, cleaning up your diet and getting rid of toxic substances. Emotionally: clear your triggers and past density. Mentally: retraining your thought patterns and subconscious. Spiritually: release all the religious stuff, this is about opening your truth of who you really are.

Phase two is about heart coherence: in order to activate DNA and receive all that is available for an ascension process you have to experience self love, divine love and heart coherence for your experience to be permanently changed. Mediations, decrees, emotional clearing, detoxification, movement all work towards this fundamental heart coherence. You don’t have to live in a monastery, heart opening comes from day-to-day lessons too, sensing the opportunity to love, unify. Tap into your creator state.

Phase three is activation and reconnection: I’m aligned with my heart, now what? That’s when you start engaging with conscious activation practices and we start dealing with epigenetics. Think of DNA as the hardware and epigenetics as the software – you are giving it your DNA a new way to express itself, to rebundle itself to create a stronger antenna and different fields communicate.When you start changing your emotions, thoughts, diet and expressing your true self, you are epigenetically activating new sequences in the DNA. Remember you have 95 percent of your DNA just waiting for a higher frequency.”

How essential is it to be conscious of Divine DNA to enhance spiritual practise? 

“If you are going to pursue ascension – which I define as the complete merging with your entire expression – the more you learn, the more you are aware, the less your DNA is tangled. Obeying your subconsciousness, allowing your emotions to rule the day and the past to dominate what you are doing in the now all result in tangled DNA. To get your DNA into a coherent state creates such ease and grace.”

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How will it make me feel? 

“On a spiritual level, it changes your perception of reality in a profound-heart-based, Divine Mama way that radiates right through all that you are, which is your true self. You get away from cause and effect and the external dominating your experience. You’ll find divine neutrality, clairs activate, your inner wisdom returns, you can perceive situations and navigate them with such ease and grace. Physically, you’ll find vitality and energy that seems to come out of nowhere and you recover a lot faster. All of a sudden you have a positive outlook on everything. This palpable divine love is the key benefit.”


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