Women supporting women with a swirl of serendipity is how we like our collaborations to roll here at La DoubleJ, so we were nothing short of blessed when the Goddess who is Claire Johnson – aka Claire Pony on the ‘gram – and our Creative Commander In Chief, La J.J., started sliding into each other’s DMs.

Both New South Wales-based Claire and Milan-dwelling J.J.’s work revolves around celebrating femininity and empowering women; Claire through the exploration of movement and personal experience in her ceramics and painting; J.J. through the heart-felt, mood-boosting clothing she creates at La DoubleJ.

It wasn’t long before the match for a maximalist collaboration was lit and the pair started fanning the fire on their flaming hot collection.

“Claire was a million miles away in Australia, but through our conversations we connected on a deeper level; we totally met vibrationally and had a meeting of the hearts,” says J.J.

“J.J.’s spiritual journey really connected with me,” agrees Claire. “I went through a similar thing with finding a certain spirituality when I went through a really bad time three years ago and a lot of the things she wrote really spoke to me. She sounded like a genuine person who I really admired for being so candid about things that are so personal.”

To kick things off, Claire set about making bespoke pieces for La DoubleJ on the theme of ‘good vibrations’. It resulted in four heart-pumping collages featuring love doves, harps and happy hands, which our in-house design team adapted into sophisticated artistic placed prints and abstract geometric designs and applied to our new-season dresses, bags and a banging new line of reversible coats.

Piccolo Dove, Tanti Bacetti, Bacetto, Paper Dove, and Duetto Dove capture the heart-pumping passion that you love our prints for, which an elevated twist courtesy of Claire’s artist eye.

We extracted positive affirmations too – Manifesting My Head Off, and LDJ’s own mantra, Raise Your Vibration – and embroidered them onto woollen beanies that will make you wish it was cold.

“The glue between us is our enthusiasm! We’re a feel-good company with feel-good product and I am so pumped to share our new collection with our community,” says J.J.

“Sometimes as an artist when you collaborate with brands, you can feel so disposable – but this has been such a good experience,” adds Claire. “In the fashion industry there can be a lot of bullshit and people aren’t always so genuine – me and J.J. would go off on tangents and start talking about chi gong! We had so much in common, it wasn’t just business.”


– Scarlett Conlon