In belated honor of our 1-year birthday, we’re proud to unveil the Wunderwall,’s new showroom, shopping haven, and creative space down on the canal. What started as our mission to bring you vintage clothes wrapped up in cool packages and to shine the light on Milan’s most marvelous creative women, has now exploded into much more. Sure we sell vintage clothes and shoot them on the city’s most Legendary Ladies and Great Gorgeous Girls, but we also make new clothes with patterns plucked from Italian archives, uncover Milan’s best hidden spots, produce city guides, create digital content for some of Italy’s best fashion brands and promote the little guys no one’s ever heard of.

Now, we present the Wunderwall, a rotating installation space in Piazza Arcole 4 designed by Luca Cipelletti, that brings together our love of vintage with our vocation to champion the unsung heroes of this very creative town. Making it all happen is a growing collective of generous, wildly talented people who gather willingly and happily in a colorful, maximal paradise where talents are pooled, gifts are shared, energy sizzles and creativity is hatched. What are we, exactly? That is indescribable. How are we? We’re laughing, we’re loving, we’re dancing, we’re creating, we’re chatting, we’re connecting and most of all, we’re just deeply grateful. – J.J. Martin

1. Luca Cipelletti

Mastermind of the Wunderwall, Cipelletti set our hearts aflutter with his wide lens embrace of our maximalist vibe, setting up a simple yet ingenious system to house our vintage product and latest obsessions. Our Wunder Architect is also a furniture designer, cool next-door neighbor, devoted pal, olive oil maker and awesome cook. With a resume like that, it’s no wonder we call him Wunder Boy. Ti adoro, Wunder.

2. Viviana Volpicella

LaDoubleJ’s Fashion Director is a creative bomb with infectious energy— so much so, that the entire LaDoubleJ team has resorted to burning their bras, wearing boy shirts unbuttoned to their waists and declaring heart felt allegiance to bandana prints, all in her honor. Smoking Les Galoises might be next. When VV floats into LaDoubleJ, colored pens are always at the ready and the magic starts flying. Cara VV: sei come una sorella.

3. Liselotte Watkins

With us since our launch, the Italy-based Swedish artist Liselotte Watkins is just as vintage-obsessed as we are and is the pen behind our lovable illustrated faces on our website. We are now collaborating more closely, launching her first collection of extraordinary hand-painted vintage vases with more to come. Liselotte, thank God for Cucchi.

4. Lucia Mantero

One of the first people who believed in our vision, Lucia readily opened the magnificent doors to her family’s 114 year-old silk factory archive on Lake Como. Not only do we make new clothes with vintage patterns from the Mantero archive but these eye-popping prints have all been gloriously hung on the back of our Wunderwall. Lucia, Italy needs more 4th generation entrepreneurs like YOU.

5. Alberto Zanetti

No one snaps a picture quite like Alberto Zanetti, the man who guarantees that the portraits of our Legendary Ladies and Great, Gorgeous Girls are singular, snappy, happy and cleverly snooze-free. He’s the only photographer we know that started his career in finance and who shows up to set with brightly colored socks that match his foulard. Hey Albi: MI FIDO CIECAMENTE DI TE !!!!

6. Alberto Biagetti & Laura Baldassari

A designer of furniture and graphics, Alberto Biagetti is LaDoubleJ’s big brother, next door neighbor and all-around good-vibe giver. He is the creative director of FrankStudio, which produces all of our website graphics, and husband of the opera-singing, artist Laura Baldassari. Together they run Atelier Biagetti, one of Milan’s coolest furniture design studios. Laura, please keep singing in the courtyard! Biaggio- che meravigliosa avventura, no?

7. Ciccoli & Cristian Musardo

Our Fairy Godfathers from who not only dish out endless technological, ecommerce and financial support, but also keep our feet firmly planted on the ground. It is these two creatively-minded, endlessly patient, business people who have built a sound structure- and homebase- from which we can zoom around in the sky. Ragazzi, remember when you only had 3 employees?!!!!

Are you in Milan for Salone del Mobile?
The Wunderwall is open so come down and see us!
April 11th- April 16th, 10am- 7pm
Piazza Arcole, 4

…. That being said, even if you are not in Milan for Design Week, we are ALWAYS here and open for visits by appointment, so email us to arrange, BABE!