La DoubleJ has teamed up with the historic glass artisans at Salviati for a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration. We’ve created six infinitely precious handmade glass goblets, known as tipetti, that draw from the ancient art of Venetian glassmaking. Based on designs found in Murano’s glass museum, the intricately designed, ornamental-stemmed pieces were originally created for private and museum collections in England and Europe in the 17th century. The tipetti were specially selected by JJ Martin and brought to life by the last artisans on earth who are capable of these historic, time-consuming and rare glassmaking techniques. They’re not just run-of-the-mill water glasses: they are insanely delicate collector’s items, are only produced in a limited run and probably will live happiest on a shelf or in a display case. We are extremely excited to partner with another historic Italian producer and shed a little light on the incredible craftsmanship that goes into amazing pieces like these!

– Laura Todd

Story Credits
  • Photography: Alberto Zanetti