Welcome to LaDoubleJ, where our love for vintage fashion and jewelry and rarefied design comes to larger-than-life in the magical city of Milan!

What are we doing here? First of all, we’re having so much fun. Secondly, we’re satisfying our obsession for vintage scores and new fashion trends. Thirdly, we’re cruising around Milan in our Cinquecento and systematically disproving the town’s unfair reputation as a snoozy town.

So not true! Milan is brimming with creative talent and innovators who are quietly toiling behind the scenes. Our quest is to sniff them out, fling open the doors to their homes and studios, and give you a peek inside their extraordinary worlds.

Along the way, we let you shop the covetable vintage clothes and jewelry we have carefully selected and curated for the site. You can browse the items in a traditional e-commerce format, or hit the Milan cobblestones with our decked-to-the-nines DoubleJ girls in Street Styled—and literally buy the amazing clothes off their backs.

The stories about our Great Gorgeous Girls and our Legendary Ladies of Milan not only celebrate the impeccably chic taste of the city’s multi-tasking, multi-talented women, but each story is head-to-toe shoppable. We encourage you to read the articles (believe us, there’s tons to learn from these high-caliber mavericks) but we totally understand if you just click to Insta-Outfits to see exactly what they are wearing and buy straight away.

If shopping isn’t your bag, there’s a load of other delectable stuff to consume. You can browse mind-blowing homes and indulge in our super-insider Milan Guide, dedicated to unearthing the best places for sipping an aperol spritz, fork-swirling a plate of spaghetti, or immersing in the city’s sophisticated world of high-design galleries and specialty shops.

You’ll also read about my trials and tribulations in Milan—like how, over the course of 13 years, deep frustration finally led to a full-fledged love affair with the city. Or how my hunt for and obsession with the city’s coolest housewives in the School of Sciura has yielded essential lessons for achieving the holy grail of Sciura-dom.

Committed to giving you more, more, more, we also deliver the juicy news, don’t-miss events and exciting happenings around town and out in the world… LaDoubleJ reporting for duty! Lastly, we download expert advice from leading fashion designers, as well as insanely-easy-to-make recipes from their fabulous grandmothers.

Get ready for the most colorful ride ever!   

– J.J. Martin

Story Credits
  • Creative Director- J.J. Martin
  • Photographer- Alberto Zanetti
  • Fashion Director- Viviana Volpicella