As some of you might already know I’ve been whizzing around Milan in my tiny vintage Fiat Cinquecento, raiding vintage furniture warehouses, for over a decade now. Today, I’m still zooming around in the same sputtering car but now I also run and for the last year and a half, we’ve opened the secret doors to the city’s chicest, most creative women in their glamorous homes and busy ateliers. Next, we started making new clothes from vintage patterns plucked from Mantero’s 115 year old textile archive in Lake Como. We found so many fabulous forgotten prints that we decided once again to bring them back to life in new styles and in our old evergreen models. We didn’t stop there and partnered up with Officina del Poggioto cover amazing handcrafted bags in vintage prints, either on the outside or both on the inside and OUTSIDE.  And now, just because we’re overachievers, we’ve added LaDoubleJ Design to the mix—a special offering of vintage chairs covered in vintage prints that are offered exclusively on as well as Nate Berkus’s shop! Each of our 20 chairs is a mid-century Italian original. All have been hunted down by our team in Milan and lovingly re-covered in new polished cotton fabric printed with a vintage pattern from the Mantero Seta silk archive. The designs were originally used for fashion from the 1920s-1990s—but do wonders to jazz up the aura of a 1960s chair today.  And for those of you who are dying to match your living room… YES, We’re also selling dresses in the same archival prints as the chairs on!

So here’s to bringing maximalism to every corner of your life!

– J.J. Martin

UPDATE: See all of our NEW LaDoubleJ Editions here!