Does your calendar this July look like a game of X’s and O’s gone off the rails? Is every weekend crossed out with a big fat WEDDING next to it? Us too — we feel ya’ girl. So that’s why, when we were coming up with this season’s collection, we knew we needed to have some serious matrimonial back up. All of our dresses this season are totally perfect to wear for all kinds of weddings. Here’s how to cover all your bases, no matter what sort of shindig is in store.

Outdoor Wedding: The Dinner At The Pellicano Dress

Have you been invited to an all-day ceremony at a Tuscan farmhouse? This dress is perfect for an outdoor wedding. Made of all silk with a romantic scoop neck and fitted bodice, it’s practically purpose-built for lounging under the shade of an olive tree or catching a bouquet next to a rolling vineyard. Just don’t upstage the bride!

Beach Wedding: The Bellini Dress

Dress for a destination wedding is always tricky. You need something that packs well, looks amazing and stands up to a little sun and sand. Enter the Bellini Dress! Made in 100% cotton, the long pleated skirt and wrist-length sleeves (that you can fold up to the elbow) will have you looking chic as can be when everyone else’s chiffon and satin is starting to droop by cocktail hour. Plus, its skirt looks incredible twirling on the dance floor.

City Hall Wedding: The Brunch Dress

Your wildest friends just sent everyone a group text telling you to get down to City Hall ASAP — what do you wear? The Brunch Dress is the perfect dress for the most casual kinds of weddings — or anything pre-noon, really. It looks best with flat shoes so you’ll be free-as-a-bird jumping on the subway last minute to make it there in time.

Fancy Pants Wedding: The Wedding Guest Dress

This one, obviously, is our favourite. We even named it for the occasion! This all silk stunner is for those big, fancy all night bashes. Invited to a ceremony in a renaissance palazzo? The Royal Wedding, perhaps? This is your best bet! The wrap silhouette with frilled décolleté is totally flattering and gives you all the movement you need to boogie all night to the live orchestra.

– Laura Todd

Story Credits
  • Photography: Christian Michele Michelsanti