When super art curator Caroline Corbetta and cool designer Vanna Quattrini get together, good times and good lewks are the order of the evening. These two gave us the insider tour of the wonder-filled party pad of buddy Barnaba Fornasetti. Caroline, a force in Milan’s art scene who’s curated everything from the year-long extravaganza of Expo Gate to the tiny storefront window of local chow favorite Il Carpaccio – turning it into the surprising little art gallery known as Il Crepaccio (the crevice). And all this while bringing her adorable bimba into the world. Vanna polished her design stripes at Milan’s own No. 21 before taking her chops to the heavyweights at Tod’s, and spends her off-duty time with her Italian guitar rocker boyfriend, Saturnino. These super Milanese ladies have an eye for color and mixing it up the way we can’t get enough of at here at LaDoubleJ, and so for your style perusing, we present their ultimate picks from our vintage vault.

-Laura Rysman